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There is only one Paxcroft Ward item on the agenda.

Thursday May 26, 2005
The sole application for this area relates to Paxcroft Mead local centre.

One local Parish Council now has a new Chairman.

Monday May 23, 2005
Following the Annual Meetings in the three Paxcroft Ward parishes, there has been one change of Chairman. This was due to Angela Weston standing down in Semington.

Some closing comments on events last week.

Friday May 20, 2005
I’m not too sure about the libel laws of England, and so I would point out that all of the following facts are already in the public domain either in published WWDC papers, or published in The Wiltshire Times today.

GOSW have made their decision about 'calling in' The Gap road.

Monday May 16, 2005
With the election now behind us, the Government Office for the South West has finally made a decision about their view on the application to build a road across the Hilperton Gap.

West Wiltshire District Council's new Cabinet has been confirmed.

Friday May 13, 2005
The new leader at WWDC has announced the following Cabinet positions.

They have, I am sure, been awarded on ability, and not as a reward for supporting the 'coup' on Wednesday evening. However, this is not always the case, as evidenced by a letter written by a Lib Dem councillor from Preston City "Cabinet roles should be seen for what they are: patronage in the gift of the majority leader, unrelated to ability, often discharged inadequately and unworthy to be rewarded from public funds."

Cllr. Sarah Content succeeded in 'sacking' Tony Phillips, last night.

Thursday May 12, 2005
In what must typify just how pathetic party politics are in the local arena, the Notice of Motion proposed by Lib Dem Cllrs. Content and Osborn removed the Leader of WWDC from office at the annual meeting of the council, held yesterday.

With the General Election out of the way, is a decision close?

Tuesday May 10, 2005
When the General election was called many decisions disappeared into that 'hole' known as purdah. The Gap road was one of them.

There is only one Paxcroft Ward item on the agenda.

Sunday May 08, 2005
The only item from this Ward was deferred from the previous meeting.

Close, but not quite there!

Sunday May 08, 2005
My heartfelt thanks to everybody that assisted me in my WCC campaign. Without the volunteer 'leaflet delivery team' there is no way that I could have delivered my Election Address and other flyers.

My thanks also to those that displayed my posters in their windows and gardens, and, of course, to the 1,612 people, other then me, that voted 'Ernie Clark, Independent'.

The result for this area was declared at 10.45 today.

Friday May 06, 2005
In a close run election over 4,500 votes were cast, but amazingly there were 57 'spoilt' papers, most of which were blank. It seems as though some people simply folded their ballot papers together and forgot about the WCC election.

Free speech alive and well; as long as it isn't anti Lib Dem!

Thursday May 05, 2005
In a rather surprising posting on his web site, the current leader of the Lib Dems at County Hall felt obliged to berate the Independent candidates standing for election today. Who said that free speech was dead?

The Lib Dems want to dismiss the leader of the district council.

Wednesday May 04, 2005
Wiltshire County Council candidates Sarah Content and Jeff Osborn have proposed that, after nearly two years in post, the leader of the district council be dismissed, so that a new administration can be formed.

Trowbridge Rugby Club to move to Hilperton.

Friday April 29, 2005
The planning application for a new club house and pitches was lodged with the district council yesterday.

My Election Address is on the way to all 3600 houses in the Division.

Sunday April 24, 2005
In the Election Address I list 20 of my 'aims' for Wiltshire County Council, together with a brief "Who am I?" piece.

I plan to issue one further flyer explaining my achievements over the past couple of years, and this too will be posted on this site, later this week.

The district council planning committee met last night.

Friday April 22, 2005
Six items relevent to Paxcroft Ward were due to be discussed last night, but when the meeting was adjourned at 23.30 (after sitting for four and a half hours) one had not been looked at.

Accordingly the application for an extension to 9 St. Mary's Close, Hilperton will be carried forward to the next meeting.

The agenda for the next mmeeting has been published.

Wednesday April 13, 2005
There are 25 items on the agenda, of which six relate to Paxcroft Ward. If you wish to speak you must register between 6.30 and 6.55. The meeting will be held at the council offices in Bradley Road, Trowbridge.

The period to register as a County Council candidate closed Thursday.

Saturday April 09, 2005
Anyone wanting to stand for the County Council election on 5th May, had until midday last Thursday to register.

Those that did so now have until midday on Tuesday to decide whether or not they want to withdraw!!

At the third attempt the WWDC planning committee made their decision.

Friday April 08, 2005
Having deferred a decision in January, and then cancelled a meeting in March, a decision was finally reached last night.

After 5 years hard work the Hilperton VDS now has 'official' status.

Thursday April 07, 2005
Some five years ago Hilperton Parish Council thought that the village needed a Village Design Statement. This was a newish idea that tries to ensure that development within villages complements, rather than detracts, from their existing character.

Hilperton is only the third village in West Wiltshire to complete the process.

WWDC planning committee meets this evening to consider The Gap road.

Thursday April 07, 2005
A special meeting of the WWDC planning committee, to re-consider the question of the Hilperton Gap road, is tonight at 7pm. It will meet at Gloucester Hall, John o'Gaunt School. Anyone wishing to speak can register between 6.15 and 6.50pm.

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