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After 5 years hard work the Hilperton VDS now has 'official' status.

Thursday April 07, 2005
Some five years ago Hilperton Parish Council thought that the village needed a Village Design Statement. This was a newish idea that tries to ensure that development within villages complements, rather than detracts, from their existing character.

Hilperton is only the third village in West Wiltshire to complete the process.

WWDC planning committee meets this evening to consider The Gap road.

Thursday April 07, 2005
A special meeting of the WWDC planning committee, to re-consider the question of the Hilperton Gap road, is tonight at 7pm. It will meet at Gloucester Hall, John o'Gaunt School. Anyone wishing to speak can register between 6.15 and 6.50pm.

Hilperton Parish Council planning committee met last night.

Wednesday April 06, 2005
Two important applications were looked at by the committee; Blue Hills in Devizes Road, and the idea to add 11 flats to the shops at Paxcroft Mead Community Centre.

The council agreed to object to both applications, thus meaning that they can only be approved by the district council planning committee; they cannot be 'passed' by officers under delegated powers.

The district council planning committee met last night.

Friday April 01, 2005
Only one item on the agenda was for Paxcroft Ward, and that was for 4a Newleaze, Hilperton.

An appeal decision and a new application have been received.

Saturday March 19, 2005
Two items of local interest; one showing that developers aren't always right, the other showing that they do appear to be greedy.

The date for the re-convened 'deferred' meeting has been announced.

Saturday March 19, 2005
Despite it being on the 'right' side of town, the district council was unable to secure the use of the Civic Hall.

Holt & Paxcroft division voters now have a real choice at the polls.

Thursday March 17, 2005
Having given the matter much thought, I have decided to stand for the new Holt & Paxcroft division, naturally as an Independent.

Decisions were made last night on three items relating to Paxcroft Ward.

Friday March 11, 2005
The planning committee sat until after 11.00pm last night, and made decisions on all three applications for Staverton and Hilperton parishes.

A new bus service for John of Gaunt school.

Wednesday March 09, 2005
Faresaver has started a new service to John of Gaunt school, the X34.

The WWDC planning committee meets Thursday 10 March.

Saturday March 05, 2005
There are three items on the agenda relating to this area. If you wish to speak you must register between 6.30 and 6.55, the meeting will be held at the council offices at Bradley Road.

An unusual planning application was lodged last week.

Saturday March 05, 2005
Hilperton could have a hot food take away if an idea from a Mr Lee finds favour.

The meeting scheduled for 11 March has been cancelled.

Friday March 04, 2005
Following the deferral of a decision last month, another problem has now come to light.

The brewery seems to be playing 'hard ball' with the district council.

Wednesday March 02, 2005
The original planning application for the pub has been taken to appeal by the applicant.

Both items regarding Paxcroft Ward 'found favour' last night.

Thursday February 24, 2005
Last night I had one question and one 'Notice of Motion' (NoM) to be discussed at the full WWDC council meeting. The question related to an error on a 'refusal of planning permission' letter, whilst the NoM related to a document sent to members of the WWDC planning committee.

WWDC has revealed when the 'deferred' planning meeting will take place

Wednesday February 23, 2005
The meeting will be held at Trowbridge Civic Hall, on Friday 11 March commencing at 7.00pm.

The 23 February meeting of the full council should be interesting.

Friday February 18, 2005
Whilst there is nothing too exciting on the agenda (other than setting the level of Council Tax for the next financial year!!) there are a number of questions, and notices of motion, that should see some lively debate, and interesting explanations from council officers.

'New' planning applications have been lodged for local items.

Saturday February 12, 2005
There is an increasing trend for 'deferred' or 'refused' planning applications to be re-submitted under a new reference number.

WWDC appear to have decided on a date just four weeks away.

Thursday February 10, 2005
At a WWDC Cabinet meeting last night, it was stated that the planning application may be back before the planning committee on 11 March.

Interesting developments about the Gap road.

Sunday February 06, 2005
BBC Wiltshire Sound was not allowed to record the debate last week, I have still not received a reply about the 'plagiarised' Pegasus document, and our MP is looking into the gagging of local councillors.

WWDC planning committee made an unexpected decision on the road.

Saturday January 29, 2005
At their meeting on Friday 28 January the planning committee decided to defer a decision on the application to build a road through the Hilperton Gap.

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