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Wcc says one thing, WWDC another.

Friday March 24, 2006
There seems to be some confusion between the highway authority (Wiltshire County Council) and the planning authority (West Wiltshire District Council).

Another resident e-mails their view about this sensitive issue.

Friday March 17, 2006
A slightly different view about Devizes Road.

In addition, my thanks to those people that have responded to the parish council newsletter and have 'phoned me on this subject. I am keeping a record of all views ready for when WCC can be approached on this matter.

More housing for West Wiltshire.

Thursday March 16, 2006
Below, is the gist of a press release issued by WWDC, and I have to ask that well known question "Is it me?"

No one can deny that there is a shortage of affordable housing, particularly in the rural areas, but in welcoming the near 50% increase in planned housing numbers, what is being done about doctors, dentists, water supply, schools, hospitals etc.? Also, where are these people going to work? West Wiltshire needs to attract new employment along with new residents otherwise, if we are not careful, whole tracts of the district could become dormitory-like areas for workers in Bath, Bristol, Swindon etc.

Four key schemes will receive £36k of funding this year.

Monday March 13, 2006
When I held the arts portfolio at WWDC one of the schemes I pushed hard for was 'Service Level Agreements', with the bigger arts organisations, combined with a three year commitment from WWDC.

This was because I firmly believe that short term funding cuases organisations to emphasize survival over strategic approaches. In addition, funding from the district council provides good value for money as our investment ‘levers in’ external funding from other organisations.

Yet another irate resident vents his bile about WCC.

Saturday March 11, 2006
I have great sympathy with all who have to endure traffic speeding past their doors be it in Hilperton, Staverton or wherever.

I know that Hilperton Parish Council is determined that the situation must improve when the Gap road is built but, in the meantime, I would welcome any comments on the following e-mail sent to me.

I intend to contact our County Councillor (again) to find out what pressure she is putting on WCC to sort this fiasco out.

I have received a reply from Cllr. Bryant at WCC.

Thursday March 09, 2006
I have been in touch with the Education portfolio holder at Wiltshire County Council and repeat the e-mails below.

The last I heard from our County Councillor on this subject was during the run-up to the WCC election last year but, I am sure, she too still wishes to see a secondary school on the eastern side of Trowbridge.

If we get one, where will it be situated?

Tuesday March 07, 2006
A £20m government grant may be available for a new secondary school in Wiltshire.

If the decision is made to use the money in the Trowbridge area, the question is "Where and how should it be spent?"

Sarah Content defends her decision to go on course.

Sunday March 05, 2006
Further to my comments about the recent WWDC budget, and the 4.95% increase in council tax, it would seem that there is sufficent money in the pot to pay for Cllr. Sarah Content to attend a leadership course at our expense.

The WWDC planning committee meet this coming Thursday.

Saturday March 04, 2006
The meeting will commence at 7.00pm in the council chamber at Bradley Road. If you wish to speak you must register before 6.55pm.

The Inquiry was completed in one day.

Tuesday February 28, 2006
Following the Public Inquiry, the Inspector will now reach her decision within the next few weeks.

Has anyone noticed? Where is British democracy going?

Saturday February 25, 2006
As a District Councillor, I have always tried to keep the content of this website to local issues. However, for once, I intend to make an exception.

WWDC Council Tax for 06/07 was set yesterday evening.

Thursday February 23, 2006
At the full council meeting on Wednesday 22 February, one of the most important agenda items was the setting of the precept for the next financial year.

The ODPM has finally reached a decision.

Wednesday February 22, 2006
Below, is a press 'release' received by me this afternoon.

The Boundary Committee have made their recommendations.

Tuesday February 21, 2006
Some while ago it was decided to review, yet again, the electoral arrangements for West Wiltshire. The report was published today.

Council tax levels are now set for all except WWDC.

Thursday February 16, 2006
Everybody, except the District Council, has now set their precept for the next financial year.

Two planning applications have been withdrawn.

Tuesday February 14, 2006
The two remaining applications to remove hedging in the Hilperton Gap have been withdrawn.

Council tax increase recommended.

Thursday February 09, 2006
A council tax increase of 4.99% has been recommended by West Wiltshire District Council’s Cabinet.

The proposed increase equates to an extra £6.38 on a Band D property - or 12p per week.

Planning application for cinema on planning agenda for 16 Feb.

Wednesday February 08, 2006
This is only an outline application (reference 05/02884/OUT). If approved detailed plans would follow.

The Public Inquiry opened today.

Tuesday February 07, 2006
The Inquiry opened this morning and I was a little surprised to find myself the only councillor present.

My take on a few local topics.

Sunday February 05, 2006
The following e-newsletter has recently been sent to all who have indicated, via the 'Contact me' section above, that they wish to have it sent to them direct, rather than having to 'pull' it from my website.

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